BUONGIORNO from San Gervasio,
…..and welcome to our new website and blog!
From now on, we will post from time to time some news regarding Caroline's Toscana as well as our area; in this way you will be able to start your next holiday in Tuscany well prepared:)
End of October is an absolutely beautiful season for us, especially in the culinary sense: the olive harvest and truffle hunting start and our personal holiday, too.
Days are getting shorter, we feel homely and in the evenings we enjoy the warm chestnuts with a glass of red Chianti wine!
This year temperatures are unusually high and our guests still enjoy the pool under the Tuscan sun! All in all, this season 2018 has been excellent and we really enjoyed our guests' feedbacks.
Thank you so much and we are grateful to know, that at 98% we fully met your expectations. During the last months, we mainly concentrated on the creation of our new website and here we are!

Last but not least, we wish to end our today's blog with a special recipe: Daniele's Tiramisu, which most of our Podere la Pergola guests already know!
Don't forget to use the Pavesini-cookies, importante:)

Have a wonderful day and we keep in touch! All the best from central Tuscany,

Per 4 servings
4 egg yolks
2 egg whites
5 oz sugar
1 lb Mascarpone cheese
Pavesini - cookies
1 cup coffee
2 tablespoons cocoa powder

Separate the egg yolks from the whites one at a time by pouring the whites into a cup and transferring the yolks from one part of the broken shell to the other.
Beat the yolks and the sugar together for a couple of minutes with a whisk or mixer until frothy. At that point, fold in the mascarpone and mix until you have a soft, smooth cream.
Then whip 2 egg whites, using an electric whisk or by hand, until soft peaks have formed. Then gently fold the whipped egg whites into the mascarpone and egg cream. Carefully mix everything together with a spoon, stirring from the bottom up.
Once the mascarpone cream is ready, you can begin to assemble your tiramisù.
Tiramisù can be prepared in many different ways, from a single mold to individual portions.
When preparing one single tiramisu, begin by lining a dish or small cake pan with the Pavesini dipped in the espresso for not more than a second. Once the pan is filled with cookies, cover them with half the mascarpone cream. Level the cream using a spatula and dust with cocoa powder. Then add another layer of espresso-soaked cookies on top. Cover with the remaining cream, level it off and dust generously with the cocoa powder.

Buon appettito!